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Raven Steals the Light Dagger Earrings

Raven Steals the Light Dagger Earrings

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Auntie Size Raven Steals the Light Laser Cut Mirrored Haida Earrings

5 inches in length


In the story Raven Steals the Sun, Raven turned himself into a hemlock needle in order to gain entrance into the Longhouse where the Chief kept the sun, moon and stars in Bentwood Boxes.

The Chiefs daughter took a drink water from the river with Raven in it after he transformed himself into a hemlock needle.

After she drank up the Hemlock Needle, he transtormed himself into a baby and she became pregnant with Raven.

After she gave birth to Raven as a little human child he cried everyday to play with the bentwood boxes that had the sun, the moon and the stars in it until the Chief finally gave in. One by one the Raven let go of the Sun, the Moon & the star into the sky & that is how there came to be light.

It was said that before Raven flew through the smoke hole of the longhouse he was white but afterwards turned black from the smoke. That is why the earrings are mismatched in colour. 

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